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In the increasingly competitive international context, it is necessary that tissue plant manufacturers work with a view towards greater production efficiency, answering market demands for cost saving and environmental sustainability at the same time.

Rehumanizing tissue industry means bringing it closer to human values. To a challenge in which profit is increased by savings on energy costs and the search for environmental results.

REPLUS TISSUE embodies the expertise and technology of EIL and ReEnergy and, thanks to the strong propelling force for research and development, completes the circle of a proposal based on innovation and respect for environmental balance. The complete tissue plant with integrated cogeneration is today able to attain previously unimaginable results in terms of environmental impact, leading to a reduction of up to 38% in energy costs.


Energy Cost Savings

60ton/day    up to -30%

90ton/day    up to -35%

120ton/day  up to -38%

(average savings of complete REPLUS TISSUE plants with REENERGY+ technology)


Designing tissue plants that constitute effective answers to customers’ specific needs, looking ahead towards a sustainable future with a low environmental impact; combining together energy, mechanics, automation and the environment by building something that was unimaginable before is possible today, with REPLUS TISSUE.


Environmental Impact *

-80% of toxic gas emission

NOx ≤10ppm

CO ≤10ppm

(average savings of complete REPLUS TISSUE plants with REENERGY+ technology on annual basis)


A complete tissue plant with integrated cogeneration is able to meet the highest environmental standards and reduce energy costs. It is capable of producing softer paper, thanks to the air characteristics used to dry the sheet. A fully automated plant minimizes the need for human intervention.

The challenge of research is not limited to the mechanical field, but rather involves the sustainability of the entire production process: enhancing performance while at the same time reducing environmental impact is what REPLUS TISSUE, complete and highly technological manufacturer, is already capable of offering its customers.

In the R&D stage, we are projecting gasification plants for paper mill sludge that allows to self-power the tissue plant through waste. Economic and environmental advantages, going hand in hand.

To embark on a road towards the future of the tissue field today, it is essential to choose REPLUS TISSUE: because it is attentive to the environment, because it offers tangible savings and direct benefits to its customers, who, in turn, become innovators themselves.