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| Turnkey solutions |

Replus Tissue’s main strength is that of providing turnkey solutions so that all the customer has to think about is the facility that will house the plant. All design, supply and installation activities may be contracted with Replus Tissue.

Customers will only have to deal with one contact person and one project manager will oversee the successful completion of the project.

Complete turnkey plants

Plants with a layout and machine placement design to reduce to a minimum:

  • construction work
  • the transfer of fluids
  • pressure loss in pipes
  • dispersion in electrical cables

And to facilitate:

  • plant operation
  • maintenance operations


Replus Tissue utilises the best ancillary components to ensure the success of the project.

The entire plant is assembled by highly-skilled professional partners to ensure high-quality results.

The crown jewel of Replus Tissue products is the complete plant with Reenergy+ integrated cogeneration.

From the very beginning, the entire plant is designed and sized to reduce energy costs and emissions to a minimum. The size of the cogeneration plant, the diameter of the Yankee dryer, the type of hood and plant are chosen with the goal of obtaining the best possible balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Plant rebuilds, modifications and optimisation

The experience of the Replus Tissue team allows us to propose turnkey modifications that can improve the performance and efficiency of existing plants. Possibilities include modifying obsolete tissue machines into Crescent Formers, as well as the engineering, aerothermal, electrical or mechanical optimisation of existing plants.