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| Reenergy+ integrated cogeneration plants |

Production of electrical, thermal and steam energy

Electricity for the facility is produced by a turbine, the exhaust fumes from which are then used as the sole heat source for the sheet drying phase. All of the energy contained in the fumes is used to power the hoods and, by means of a special recovery unit, to provide steam for the Yankee dryer.

At the end of this process, the exhaust fumes of the turbine are discharged into the atmosphere at a temperature of about 65 °C (approximately that of condensation).

This innovative technology makes it possible to cover the electrical needs of the plant almost entirely with the same amount of gas required for a traditional system.

A sophisticated automatic system (owned by Reenergy+), keeps the entire process under control. This completely autonomous system changes and automatically regulates flows to achieve the utmost energy efficiency.

When the turbine is unable to cover the entire heating needs of the plant (e.g.: turbine stoppage), traditional burners intervene automatically.

In addition to energy benefits, Reenergy+ systems feature extremely low atmospheric pollutant emissions.